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Current Status

Activities started with the 1st Technology Workshop, 23rd February 2006, Tortworth Court
TWI & University of Plymouth
Main focus for inter-platform communication

Key messages of the First Workshop - Feb 2006

Attitude to risk:
  Business jet wing: Highest level of innovation, Greatest risk
Other platforms: Limited risk taking (Time scale, Budget)
Knowledge exchange is critical
Concern over costing:
  Common cost model in use
Confusion over what costs should be considered
Part tolerance:
  Composites cannot easily be deformed to fit
Exaggerated by part integration, use of cost-effective process technologies
Can mitigate by process simulation
Fibre handling:
  Important consideration to achieve cost savings
ALCAS is not an industrialisation project
Potential for future automation must be understood
Skills shortage:
  Lack of familiarity with composites (Designers, Engineers)
ALCAS can help train next generation (Experience, Contacts)
Communication within project

Several potential subjects identified / Future Workshop Topics

Part tolerances, assembly and joining
Manufacturing technologies
Design Materials Qualification and certification
Case study on demonstrator part
Systems installation/electrical bonding

Report of outcomes agreed as training syllabus
  Deliverable D54-01

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