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Science & Technology  
Science & Technology Board

Objectives of the Scientific & Technology Board

Scientific and Technology Review
  (Monitoring developments inside and outside ALCAS, Identification of complementary development benefits to ALCAS Partners)
Technology and State of the Art Review
  (ALCAS progress)
Deliverable Quality Review
  (List of ALCAS Key deliverables)
Link to Exploitation & Dissemination Panel
  (To deliver inputs, Provide assistance in IPR protection matters)
Support Technology Workshops
  e.g. fill gaps, what has not been done within ALCAS


The S&T Board will report to the ALCAS Management Team
Meetings every 6 months
Chaired by the coordinator

Methodology / Assessment process

Technology Review
  Create Key documents: one page for each ALCAS technology (TANGO format proposed to use), topics to be selected in co-operation with the platform leaders
Assessment of the technologies and their progress through NASA Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs) with the key documents

State of the Art Review
  Use also TRLs to monitor the state of the art

Comparison of both state of the art and ALCAS progress
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