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Exploitation and Dissemination

Exploitation: The use of ALCAS results by partners / consortium

These are the results/knowledge having a potential for industrial or commercial application
in research activities or
for developing, creating or marketing a product or process or
for creating or providing a service.

Dissemination: The information about results inside / outside the consortium and partners

Public Domain, ALCAS Consortium, Inside Partner Companies
Press release, Representation of ALCAS in conferences,
Public website, Workshops and reviews (inside consortium, Partners internally),
ALCAS Document Repository, Co-operations with other projects etc.

Exploitation & Dissemination Panel

The dissemination and use of results will be overseen by the Exploitation & Dissemination Panel, which will decide the direction, themes and topics to be addressed by the dissemination event plan and the exploitation plan.

Role / Objectives

Maximize the Exploitation Potential of ALCAS results-ensure the exploitation of knowledge while protecting IPR
  Monitor the exploitation potential of ALCAS results and market strategies internal and external to ALCAS
Recommend the most appropriate exploitation routes for ALCAS results
Assist in preparation of exploitation reports
Liaise with S&T Board in identification of complementary developments and ensuring that ALCAS results are appropriate for maximum exploitation
Ensure that appropriate ALCAS Information is being disseminated to the correct audience
Creation and maintenance of a public web site
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