WP1 Airliner Wing Overview

The purpose of this platform is to develop the knowledge and experience to offer a full composite lateral wing and centre box, and with the ability to select the right materials and technologies for optimization of cost and weight for an airliner wing. The objective of this work is to offer improved aircraft performances, by proving the application of composites to these structural items, realizing the weight reduction potential and by demonstrating lower manufacturing recurring costs through the use of low-cost technologies. Maintenance costs should also be reduced by using composite materials.

To improve on the weight advantage of a composite wing against the reference state-of-the-art metallic wing

Target ­ 20% weight saving compared to metallic

To improve on the recurring costs of the manufacture of a composite wing box against the reference metallic baseline

Target ­ ZERO increasing in recurring cost compared to metallic



Extending the application of composites to more complex and more highly loaded structure

By improving the performance of composite structures

By increasing the “design for composites” approach, and

By assessing system architecture requirements, and developing designs
that meet architecture requirements while minimizing the weight of
the installation

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